Green Cell Foam Insulated Shipping Coolers


The perfect combination of sustainable technology, thermal performance and shock protection.


Green Cell Foam Insulated Shipping Coolers protect frozen and perishable products during shipment.  These shipping coolers have thermal protection equal to polystyrene inch-for-inch.  Proven performance with dry ice and/or cold packs for pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products.


Examples of Green Cell Foam Coolers

  • Made with 100% all-natural, non-GMO U.S. Grown corn, helping to reduce Greenhouse Gases, landfill disposals, reliance on fossil fuels & more. Our product produces 80% less greenhouse gas and uses 70% less energy to produce overall.
  • Each cooler is customized to meet the individual needs of our customers. With no initial tooling costs, modifying or changing sizes is easy.
  • Green Cell Foam provides significantly better protection from shock and vibration - decrease damage rates caused by integrity-robbing breaking or cracking as demonstrated by EPS shippers.

“Green Cell Foam insulates very well, and we can use whatever case size we want and KTM will cut the Green Cell panels to fit that size. Cost is important, but so is sustainability. It’s worth going with the ‘green’ solution even if it costs a bit more, because over the long haul, it normally ends up saving money and benefits the environment.“



Typical test results for Green Cell Foam vs. polystyrene in a thermal chamber


Talk to us about your unique needs and let’s develop a solution.

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