Sustainable Packaging is the Future of Packaging

In Q1 2017, UPS and FedEx processed 28.5 million packages per day! Each package requires a certain amount of protection to arrive in good shape. Selecting traditional packaging materials made from fossil fuels may provide the needed protection, but creates environmental problems when it’s time for disposal. There is a technology available today to solve both problems – Green Cell Foam.

The key to sustainability is defined in three ways: sustainable raw materials, sustainable manufacturing practices and sustainable disposal options. Here’s how Green Cell Foam meets these:

  • Sustainable raw materials – Green Cell Foam is made from US-grown corn produced from non-GMO seedstock in the upper Midwest - an annually-renewable source of material.
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices – Green Cell Foam is made through an extrusion process that utilizes less than one gallon of water for every 50 cubic feet of material, creates no harmful emissions and produces small amounts of solid waste which is compostable.
  • Sustainable disposal options – Green Cell Foam is certified compostable by BPI and meets ASTM-D6400 testing for biodegradability. Green Cell is also the ONLY material that can be dissolved in water, allowing small quantities to be simply flushed down the drain.

Many people believe that recycling light, bulky foamed materials is a sustainable solution. When considering the costs of designing, creating and maintaining a fully-integrated recycling program, recycled materials cost many times that of virgin material. And the environmental costs to collect, sort and transport these materials can more than offset the benefits. The real essence to sustainability is to able everyone to responsibly dispose of a material within their own means – only Green Cell affords this objective.

Celebrating its 15th year in the packaging industry, Green Cell Foam is a proven, effective replacement for traditional plastics in protective packaging and thermal insulating applications. Hundreds of companies – big and small – across the US and Canada have selected Green Cell to help protect their products during shipping while also protecting the environment.

For protective packaging applications, Green Cell’s multi-shock capability has helped automotive, aerospace, telecommunication and wine companies find the best solution for their particular situations. Add Green Cell’s natural anti-static properties and you have an excellent material to protect electronics. For thermal insulating applications, Green Cell provides performance equal to EPS while avoiding the disposal headaches.  Some of the world’s largest and best-known pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement and food companies rely on Green Cell Coolers to safely deliver their perishable products every day of the year.

KTM, the makers of Green Cell Foam, is well-poised to work with you to develop a well-performing, environmentally-preferred solution for your particular needs. KTM’s recent $2 million investment in larger facilities and state-of-the-art equipment greatly expands capacity and capabilities. Our team of packaging engineers will assist as you wish with design and testing in our ISTA certified thermal laboratory. Once the solution is finalized, we work closely with you to smoothly and efficiently integrate this into your operations. Our goal is to be considered a strategic partner rather than a supplier.

For more information on Green Cell Foam and KTM, please call us at 517-703-9140 or visit our website at And come see us in Booth S-7575 at 2017 Pack Expo in Las Vegas from September 25-27!

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