Green Tip: Consolidate your Errands

This week's green tip is to combine all of your errands in one trip! Although this tip may require more planning and thoughtfulness, in the long run, it'll be easier - not only on the earth, also easier on you.

Green Cell Foam Green Tip - Errands.jpg

So why is this a green tip? You'll drive less by consolidating your shopping trips. We've found that making one list throughout the week (for the following week) is the best, as you really get to see what you need to purchase or what other errands you need to run - such as going to the grocery store, the mall, or even the post office!

After you make a list of what needs to be done and what you need to purchase, next you have to think about the location. Where do you have to go? Are these places in close proximity? What errands and purchases can you group together so you're driving the least? After you answer these questions and plan your outing, you're ready to go!

Although this might be more planning than you're used to, you'll end up thanking yourself in the long run. Rather than having multiple small trips throughout the week, consolidating and planning will allow you to get more done in less time, and using less gas! And who doesn't want to spend less time in the car and less money on gas?

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