Green Cell Foam Becomes Exclusive Shipping Material for Crowd Cow

Crowd-sourced Meat Delivery Service Commits to Green Practices
Through The Use of Eco-friendly Shipping Materials


Crowd Cow—the marketplace for craft meat—has announced a commitment to sustainable practices in 2019 by transitioning all of its shipping materials to Green Cell Foam. The completely biodegradable material produced by KTM Industries can be composted, burned or safely disintegrated in water, making it one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials in the world. Customers of Crowd Cow have applauded the company’s conversion to sustainable packaging, recognizing the positive impact the change will have on the environment.

“Just as our farmers are great stewards of the land, it's important to us and our customers to have compostable insulation, especially as China takes less of our country's recycled materials,” remarked Joe Heitzeberg, CEO & Co-Founder of Crowd Cow. 

BPI-certified Green Cell Foam is made from 100% organic materials, making it completely safe to melt and pour down the kitchen sink. It can also be dissolved in a bucket of water, which makes excellent food for plants, burned on the grill or used as a fireplace starter. Crowd Cow uses Green Cell Plus—the original product wrapped in a recyclable moisture-resistant barrier—in all of its shipments to consumers. The outer film can be recycled with #4 plastics, while the interior can be melted, composted or burned.

“We created Green Cell Foam as a solution to the overuse of Styrofoam, plastic and other landfill-clogging materials commonly used in shipping,” stated Tim Colonnese, CEO of KTM Industries, makers of Green Cell Foam. “We’re proud of the work we do for partners such as Crowd Cow, who specialize in delivering sustainably-sourced, responsibly raised foods to consumers and understand the importance of continuing this thread of sustainability all the way to the materials in which their products ship.”

With food subscription services on the rise, sustainable shipping alternatives are becoming increasingly more critical for companies such as Crowd Cow, whose business model provides its customers high quality meats from the top 1% farms and ranches across the country. Green Cell Foam is the only product available today that provides temperature-regulating insulation and nearly indestructible cushioning to its contents, while being 100% compostable. The outer film that protects the inserts from moisture is completely recyclable, but later this year will be replaced by another material, making the entire packaging biodegradable.


For sales inquiries, please contact KTM Industries at 517-703-9140 or  For media information or press inquiries regarding Green Cell Foam, please contact Amber Gallaty at For more information about Crowd Cow’s commitment to sustainability, visit


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Green Cell Foam is a certified compostable and biodegradable packaging material made in the US from non-GMO cornstarch. Launched to the market in 2002, Green Cell Foam has been integrated into the packaging of hundreds of companies – large and small - that require exceptional cushioning and insulating performance while demonstrating the highest degree of care to the environment. The use of Green Cell Foam is quite broad, protecting pharmaceuticals, foods of all types, wine bottles, electronic products and parts, among others.   


Crowd Cow, the online marketplace for craft meat, delivers the best tasting meats from the top 1% of farms and ranches right to your doorstep. Our 100+ farms represent the most extensive and selective network of independent farmers who provide exclusive, quality meat while implementing sustainable farming practices. We find everything from grass-fed beef raised on local farms, to more exotic options like Kagoshima A5 Wagyu from Japan. Based in Seattle, Crowd Cows investors range from Madrona Venture Group to Joe Montana and Ashton Kutcher. Crowd Cow was named Startup of the Year in 2018 by GeekWire.