The August 2010 issue of Packaging World Magazine features
Sandoz Inc. and their insulated shippers along with KTM Industries, Inc. and our cornstarch foam. PDF (1) (2)

The May 17, 2010 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal featured Algae Bioscience Corp. and Isagenix and what they are doing with algae while using KTM Industries' Green Cell Shipper to get their product to the customer.   Click to read the entire article. pdf (440 kb) or on the web.

Packaging World Magazine highlighted KTM Industries, Inc. and the Sandoz, Inc. Biodegradable Shipping Cooler under the cold chain products section in the November 2009 issue.   Click here for the entire article

The June 2009 issue of Bioplastics magazine features KTM Industries, Inc. with Sandoz, Inc. launching thier new Green Cell Foam shipping coolers for pharmaceutical products.    Click here to read the full article.

In January 2008,  Bioplastics Magazine featured, as in the news, KTM Industries, Inc and Green Cell Foam as Green Protection for Sensitive Goods.   Click here to read the full article, and here for Bioplastics monthly.

In April 2002, Michigan Farmer featured KTM Industries, Inc. for their cover story.   The article talks about our use of cornstarch as a main ingredient to make children's toys.   Click the images below to read that page of the article.Word (2,688 kb)


Also in April 2002, The Greater Lansing Business Monthly included KTM Industries, Inc. as their feature story, focusing on the earth-friendly aspects of our products.   Click the images below to read that page of the article. Word (2,745 kb)

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce included KTM Industries, Inc. in their campaign to promote the Greater Lansing area as an attractive place to establish a technology-based company.   Click the images below to view the KTM section of the Chamber's promotional materials. Word (2,335 kb)


The Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. presented KTM Industries, Inc. with the "Excellence in Plastics Impact on the Environment" award for 2002 at its
annual meeting in Detroit last February. Along with KTM, other award winners
for environmentally-friendly products and processes were Coca-Cola, Sony
Electronics and General Motors.

For more information regarding this award, you can view the Newsletter released by SPE: PDF (344 kb) or Word (194kb)


In the January 2008 issue of Bioplastics magazine recorded the market trends for biodegradable polymers into the near feature.   Click here to see the trends.