Wellness Selects Green Cell Foam

Wellness Enterprises designs and produces water filtration and enhancement systems for healthy living. Their newest product, the Wellness Shower required a natural packaging system to match its product message.  David Fowler, Wellness Enterprises’ CEO, describes the situation, "Our products need to have packaging that is in-sync in terms of environmental benefit and overall performance. Green Cell Foam meets these requirements.  We are completely satisfied with Green Cell Foam.”

Disposal Problem Solved for Honeywell-IDG

Honeywell-IDG had a problem: their European customers were refusing to dispose of foam-in place packaging - literally shipping it back to the US.  This was adding cost and bother to the US operation.  "They came to KTM and asked us to design and test a replacement for their current non-sustainable technology, " recalls Michael Keller, KTM Packaging Engineer.  "We designed a cost-effective pack that performed to their expectations.  Now everyone is happy."  Honeywell-IDG concurs: "The pack met all of our requirements.  We are now expanding the use of Green Cell Foam into domestic shipments, as well," remarks Corey Ricard, Honeywell-IDG Site Manager.

Perfect Flavor Says Green Cell Foam is Perfect Replacement for EPS Cooler Box

Perfect Flavor, an innovator of gourmet ice cream, didn't like the disconnect:  their all-natural ice cream was being shipped in non-natural polystyrene cooler boxes.  Colin Steele, Perfect Flavor Vice President, explains it this way: "We went to extraordinary lengths to find the finest ingredients in the world and did not want to use traditional EPS coolers as it really sent the wrong message.  We went to KTM and asked them to help.  It wasn't easy, meeting our stringent performance requirements and tight cost constraints, but they really worked with us to design and test an effective, efficient system that knocked down our delivery time from 48 to 24 hours.  We now ship the world's best ice cream in a package we are proud of.  These guys know their stuff."

Overseas shipping with packaging solved with Green Cell Foam

Edscha Roof Systems manufactures high-quality convertible roof systems for the automobile industry.  With car manufacturers looking for cleaner technologies, Edscha needed to look in the same direction, says Chad Harvley, Purchase Manager for Edscha Spartanburg. “One of our customers, a high-end German automaker, asked us to “green up” the packaging in our shipments.  As a result, we have been using Green Cell Foam for the last year.  We replaced PU foam with Green Cell Foam and are very pleased with the pack.  KTM helped us provide a smaller, more economical shipping unit. This was cost effective and made storage easier for us.   Green Cell Foam has been nothing but a plus for us.”  

Green Cell meets Infinifleur's Environmental Needs

Infinifleurs is a new company that makes funky pop-arty faux flowers using colorful, lightweight plastics and wire stems.  We use GreenCell to package our glass and ceramic vases of flowers for shipping around the country.  GreenCell has all the best properties of soft foam (without the petroleum!), cushioning the delicate vases and holding them stationary for safe transport.  It is easy to cut, safe for the environment, and does a perfect packing job every time.  Since GreenCell is durable, we ask our customers to help keep our company “green” by returning their GreenCell and packing boxes so we can re-use them.

Green Cell Coolers replaces EPS for Evanhealy skin care products

Evanhealy has been using the Green Cell Shipping Coolers since the first of the New Year. We’re delighted to find an acceptable alternative to Styrofoam insulating shipping containers. We use them to ship our organic skin care products from San Diego to cold climates in the northeast and mid-west. We microwave cold-paks and add them to the shipping containers to help fight off the cold. Your colleagues here have been fast, efficient and pleasant to deal with. In the heat of summer we’ll use them to ship our products.